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Spring clean up suggested on Earth Day - Ausable Bayfield Conservation Authority is encouraging everyone to celebrate... - Apr 22
Local events being held to help remove garlic mustard plants - The Ausable Bayfield Conservation Authority is hosting two events next month to... - Apr 21
Explore the Bruce program ending after this year - The final year of the Explore the Bruce Adventure Passport will focus on food... - Apr 20
Bruce County joins Grey Immigration partnership - A formal partnership is being formed between Bruce and Grey County councils to... - Apr 18
Flooding possible for Ausable Bayfield Watershed - The Ausable Bayfield Conservation Authority has issued a flood watch. Heavy... - Apr 18
Drug bust Wednesday in Huron-Kinloss - Two people face a number of charges after drugs and related paraphernalia were... - Apr 18

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Kincardine News

Easter egg hunt in Kincardine - The Kincardine Rotary Club held their 12th Easter egg hunt April 20 in Victoria... - Apr 21
Barra MacNeils headlining Kincardine Scottish Festival - The 20th Kincardine Scottish Festival and Highland Games will be headlined by... - Apr 19

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Great Lakes Commission

Cruising from Montreal to Georgian Bay - On the northern and eastern shores of the Great Lakes, the province of Ontario... - Apr 18
Public comment period open on proposal to make parts of Lake Ontario a marine sa - The eastern part of Lake Ontario could become a national marine sanctuary. The... - Apr 18
Michigan’s governor blocked an oil tunnel in the Great Lakes — but says she’s st - Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer says she’s open to allowing construction of an... - Apr 18

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Cottage Life

Ontario government cuts payments for authority flood management by half - Thanks to climate change, insurance companies are dealing with a flood of... - Apr 18

Bruce Beach News

BBCA - Directors and Councillors Meeting - July 2009

Bruce Beach Cottagers’ Association 
Minutes for the Directors’ and Councilors’ Meeting 
Date: Saturday July 11, 2009 
Location: Bruce Beach Club House 
Present: Keith MacDonald, Ross Klopp, Peter Newson, Barry MacPherson, Susan Davidson, Area1 – Nan Grant, Area2 – Ruth McLean, Area3 – Laurie Hamilton, Area4 – Dick MacKenzie, Area5&6 Diane Bryant, Area 7 – Heather Ingham, Area 8 – Victoria Birkett, Area 10 – Joyce Pottier, Area 11 – Brian MacEachern 
Regrets: Janice Gibson, David Tiernan, Area9 – Anne MacDougall 

Emergency Notice - Voting Period Had Been Extended

The Township of Huron-Kinloss Voting Period has been extended 1 full day until 8:00 p.m. on Tuesday, October 23, 2018.

Township of Huron-Kinloss

As of approximately 5:45 p.m. tonight, due to the technical difficulties experienced by Dominion Voting System the electors of the Township of Huron-Kinloss have experienced delays in internet and telephone voting. Large time delays were being experienced on both the telephone and internet methods of election.

Huron-kinloss Election 2018 Candidate Statements

I sent the following email out to find out the positions of the Huron-kinloss 2018 candidates:

Dear Candidates,

This message is being sent to all candidates who provided and shared their email address on
Do you have a campaign platform or other campaign statements that you are willing to share publicly on the web site? Perhaps you have some material from the all candidates meeting? I leave it to each of you to determine and cover the issues that are important. Also, if you have a web site or other social media links that you are using that would be helpful too. 
Any information you provide may be shared with other Bruce Beach cottagers via a posting on the web site. The information will not be edited, but may not all be used if there is too much. I suggest that something less than 1000 words would be appropriate and links to additional information can be included. 
My intent is provide information from all the candidates in one place for other cottagers and have the posting available, by Oct 3, 2018. If you have not responded by Oct 3rd then that will be noted in the web site posting. You will each be sent a link to the posting on the web site once it's complete. 
I wish each of you great success with your campaigns.
Doug Dunlop


Bruce Beach Rd Closed

Culvert Wash Out

Bruce Beach Rd is temporarily closed due to a culvert wash out between cottages 97 and 98, and as a result there is no through traffic from Concession 8 to 10.  Cottages 84 to 97 can access from Concession 8, and cottages 98 to 177 Bruce Beach Rd and those on Highland Dr may be reached from Concession 10.

Repair to the culvert will take place as soon as material is on site.

Emergency services have been notified.

BBCA AGM Agenda 2017

Below is the agenda for our Annual General Meeting this Saturday at 10 am. I hope many of you are able to attend as we will have the opportunity to question both the Lake Huron Centre for Coastal Conservation and the Mayor as to why they feel that the willow trees/bushes should be allowed to continue to flourish along the shoreline preventing many beach activities from happening. I feel a strong showing will help immeasurably in achieving the goal of returning the shoreline to a place for quiet walking as well as other activities.

No questions have been created.

Souvenir History of Bruce Beach

FOR well over forty years the Summer Resort known as Bruce Beach on Lake Huron’s friendly shore has been the holiday rendezvous for health-seekers, pleasure-seekers and tor those who were just tired. From a very modest beginning the popularity and the population have grown by leaps and bounds. The need of having some sort of historical souvenir which would preserve the happy annals of the Beach had been keenly felt for a long time. It was not, however, until the year 1915 that the meeting of this need took concrete form.

A History of Bruce Beach

Shortly after the Bruce Beach Historical Society was formed in the Fall of 1981, I was having lunch with a friend. When asked why I had given up curling that year, one of the two or three reasons I mentioned was my interest in publishing history of Bruce Beach, where my family had been spending their summers for more than sixty years. "How fortunate you are to have such roots", replied my friend.

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Important Dates

Garbage Pickup - Tue Apr 23 (All day)
Blue Box Pickup - Thu Apr 25 (All day)
Mother's Day - Sun May 12 (All day)
Victoria Day 2019 - Mon May 20 (All day)
Memorial Day - Mon May 27 (All day)

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