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2017 home sales just off record - The region that includes Grey-Bruce posted the second best home sales totals... - Jan 22
'Extreme load of some kind' may have caused damage, says expert - Like a giant plastic straw bent in half, a wind turbine tower buckled over in... - Jan 19
As the troubled North American Free Trade Agreement renegotiations resume next w - Forty thousand people in Windsor and Essex County work in manufacturing, 80... - Jan 19

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Great Lakes Commission

American IJC commissioner to speak at Save the River conference - The American chairwoman of the International Joint Commission will speak about... - Jan 22
Science, culinary classes team up to tackle Asian carp - In Michigan, a Gaylord High School limnology class is now able to say they have... - Jan 22
Icy spectacle enchants visitors to Lake Erie - Huge slabs of ice that were recently pushed across Lake Erie and up against... - Jan 22
UW-La Crosse graduate, USGS scientist takes aim at Great Lakes invaders - A University of Wisconsin-La Crosse graduate who is also a U.S. Geological... - Jan 22
Michigan awards $3.6 million in grants to combat invasive species in 2018 - Twenty-three projects in Michigan will share $3.6 million to help combat... - Jan 19

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Fog And Freezing Drizzle Across Region - Drivers are facing fog, drizzle and freezing rain in different parts of our... - Jan 22
Port of Goderich Could Host Cruise Ships Again - Goderich could be back in the Great Lakes cruise business in the near future.... - Jan 22
Freezing Rain Warning in Effect Monday - Freezing rain is likely for Midwestern Ontario Monday. Environment Canada has... - Jan 21
Kincardine Cancels Conserve Water Notice - A Conserve Water Notice has now ended for people in Kincardine and Huron... - Jan 19

Bruce Beach News

Deep Geologic Repository (DGR) Project for Low and Intermediate Level Radioactive Waste

Interested Parties

January 3, 2017 - On December 28, 2016, the Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency received the additional information from Ontario Power Generation (OPG) in response to an information request made by the Minister of Environment and Climate Change on February 18, 2016 regarding the Deep Geologic Repository for Low and Intermediate Level Radioactive Waste Project. The additional information is publically available on the Canadian Environmental Assessment Registry Site (the registry) at the following location:

HENDERSON, Dr. Clara Ellen - Cottage 114 Gordon St.

Sunday, October 2, 2016

Clara Henderson DR. CLARA ELLEN HENDERSON, died in her 62nd year on October 2, 2016 in Bloomington, Indiana surrounded by loving friends and family.  The cause of death was a rapidly progressive malignancy.  Clara was her usual high-spirited, hilarious, active self until her final few weeks.

Clara was the youngest of four siblings born to the Rev. William A. (Bill) and Margaret (Peggy) Henderson on September 27, 1955 in Walkerton, Ontario (Canada).  She is survived by siblings John (Dorothy), Margaret and Sandy (Patty); three nieces Sonya (Andrew), Emma (Scott) and Kate; four nephews Joel (Joanna), Daniel (Heather), Taylor and Graeme; one grandniece, Kaya, and one grandnephew, Noah.  She is predeceased by her parents and sister-in-law Patty.

Planned Power Outage: Cottagers Between Concession 8-10

We or Terry O’Hagan are NOT the people to contact concerning the power outages between concession 8-10. He is not the scheduler. It is unfortunate we mentioned his name. He an Ontario One employee who was willing to share information with us. We have searched on line and if you go to this web site you can find the information below. You can telephone the number below. If you are searching for further information the incident Id 4837129 is important.

Hope this is helpful.

Jody Larsen

BBCA AGM Agenda 2017

Below is the agenda for our Annual General Meeting this Saturday at 10 am. I hope many of you are able to attend as we will have the opportunity to question both the Lake Huron Centre for Coastal Conservation and the Mayor as to why they feel that the willow trees/bushes should be allowed to continue to flourish along the shoreline preventing many beach activities from happening. I feel a strong showing will help immeasurably in achieving the goal of returning the shoreline to a place for quiet walking as well as other activities.

Update on Deep Geologic Repository Project (DGR)

May 29, 2017 – The Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency is making available the additional information received on May 26, 2017 from Ontario Power Generation (OPG). The Agency had requested the information following the submission from Ontario Power Generation received on December 28, 2016. The Agency is currently reviewing the most recent information from OPG to determine whether it is complete.  As part of the next steps, the Agency will prepare a Draft Report on the additional information and the potential environmental assessment conditions, which will be required if the project proceeds.

OPG Response to CEAA

Ontario Power Generation (OPG) has advised the Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency (CEAA) that it will provide a response by May 26, to additional information requests regarding its proposed Deep Geologic Repository (DGR) for low-level and intermediate-level nuclear waste at the Bruce Nuclear site in the Municipality of Kincardine.

Deep Geologic Repository Project - Notice to Interested Parties

Deep Geologic Repository (DGR) Project for Low and Intermediate Level Radioactive Waste

Interested Parties

The Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency has requested additional information from Ontario Power Generation following its technical review of the Response to the request by the Minister of Environment and Climate Change. The technical review included a comment period to receive the views of the public, Indigenous groups, and expert federal departments and ran from January 18 to March 6, 2017.

Town divided over plan to store nuclear waste near Lake Huron

KINCARDINE, ONT. - A moment of reckoning has come for Canada’s nuclear industry and millions of people who rely on the power source to keep their lights on.

For over 40 years, nuclear reactors in three provinces have pulsed with energy created by powerful fission reactions and it’s created a complex problem: what do you do with radioactive waste that stays lethal for 100,000 years?

Ontario Power Generation (OPG) is the company responsible for managing waste produced by Ontario’s three nuclear plants – Darlington, Pickering and Bruce.

They say the answer lies in the sleepy community of Kincardine, Ont., where the world’s largest operating nuclear plant, Bruce Nuclear Generating Station, is located.

Watch the entire W5 Episode and read the full story

New Hydro poles/damage to property

You will recall that last fall Jody Larson sent us emails regarding Hydro One's power outages as they transferred service from the old poles to the new poles that they were installing.  As a result of the installation of the new pole on our property, numerous broken plastic shards were left.  My vehicle picked up a nail resulting in my having to replace the tire.  In my complaint to Hydro One, I was advised that if I wished to make a claim I could complete the online Customer Claim form with Quelmec Insurance Adjustors, which I did.  This past week while at the cottage I found 2 more nails

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BBCA Nuclear Survey Results

Dear Association Members,   On behalf of your executive I am pleased to provide the results of the survey that was conducted in April.   I would like to express our thanks to Chris Martyn and the Ipsos Reid team that designed the surveystructure, conducted the outreach and tabulated the results. We are very fortunate to have had their expert assistance.  

Souvenir History of Bruce Beach

FOR well over forty years the Summer Resort known as Bruce Beach on Lake Huron’s friendly shore has been the holiday rendezvous for health-seekers, pleasure-seekers and tor those who were just tired. From a very modest beginning the popularity and the population have grown by leaps and bounds. The need of having some sort of historical souvenir which would preserve the happy annals of the Beach had been keenly felt for a long time. It was not, however, until the year 1915 that the meeting of this need took concrete form.

A History of Bruce Beach

Shortly after the Bruce Beach Historical Society was formed in the Fall of 1981, I was having lunch with a friend. When asked why I had given up curling that year, one of the two or three reasons I mentioned was my interest in publishing history of Bruce Beach, where my family had been spending their summers for more than sixty years. "How fortunate you are to have such roots", replied my friend.

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