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OPINION: Let’s not let property owners kill Great Lakes beach-walking tradition

Beach-walking is a long-held tradition for the Great Lakes that has been historically upheld in legal disputes.  The recent challenge to these laws by Indiana property owners would overturn this public right. Read the full story by the Detroit Free Press.

Fish eggs are suffocating in Lake Michigan reefs. What will it take to save these nurseries?

Great Lakes reefs are critical spawning habitat for Great Lakes fish but are being buried by invasive mussels and sediment from farm run-off. Scientists and fishery managers are trying to stop fish populations from shrinking by building new artificial reefs and researching other potential fish habitat solutions. Read the full story by the Chicago Tribune.

Government shutdown could delay S.S. Badger season, Manitowoc Mayor Justin Nickels says

The popular car ferry between Ludington, Michigan, and Manitowoc, Wisconsin, may face a delayed opening this spring if the federal government is closed and unable to disburse grant money for dock repairs. Read the full story by the Manitowoc Herald Times Reporter.

‘Crucial’ piece of Line 5 spill response offline due to federal shutdown

A “crucial” part of responding to an oil spill in the Straits of Mackinac is unmanned and offline due the partial federal government shutdown. The computer which models currents in the Straits and informs cleanup crews where oil would travel in the event of a Line 5 rupture has been shut down and its operators furloughed since Dec. 26. Read the full story by MLive.

New state bill would limit PFAS levels to 5 parts per trillion in public drinking water

A new bill in the Michigan Senate would set a limit of 5 parts per trillion for two common PFAS chemicals in drinking water. The current Environmental Protection Agency advisory level is 70 parts per trillion. Listen to the full story by Michigan Radio.