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Cottage Rental of the Week: A beachside cabin perfect for a spring trip

Where: St. Laurent, Manitoba

What: A beautiful beachside cabin that’s a one-hour drive from downtown Winnipeg.

Who it’s good for: A group looking for the perfect Canadian beach trip.

Nightly rate starting from: $278

Bedrooms: 3

Bathrooms: 2

How many people: Up to 10

Extras: Built-in speakers throughout the house and a three-season sunroom.

Breaking the colour code of the Canadian cottage experience

Do you remember the first time you stepped foot in a cottage? I do. It was just a few weeks after the first time I heard what a cottage even was. I was 19. I wasn’t born in Canada—I moved here from Sudan when I was 12 years old. I didn’t speak English, and I spent the majority of my adolescence trying to understand what life here entailed.

So when a friend invited me and a few others to her family cottage in Ontario’s Thousand Islands one summer, my first question wasn’t, “What weekend were you thinking?” It was more like, “Uh…sure… What’s that?”

7 tips for getting your kids interested in birdwatching

It feels good to enjoy activities as a family and what could be better than getting everyone out into the fresh air? Birdwatching is fascinating, but it may not be so easy to encourage the entire family to get excited about it—especially if young kids are involved. Here are some suggestions to encourage the whole family to join in on the (educational) fun.

1. Start in the garden

5 key things to consider for your cottage eavestroughs this spring

Keeping cottage eavestroughs clean and free-flowing ensures that water goes where it’s supposed to: away from your roof structure and foundation where it can’t cause damage. Spring is a great time for an eavestrough checkup. Harsh winters can take a toll—here are a few key things to think about for inspection and cleaning (and repairs, if necessary) to guarantee smooth draining until you repeat the whole process in the late fall.

How to protect your cottage from floods

As we draw nearer to spring, temperatures grow mild, snow melts, and water rises. Conservation Authorities have begun to issue flood warnings in Ontario, but extreme weather like a pluvial flood—one driven by heavy rainfall—can leave you with “little to no warning,” says Tamsin Lyle, the principal at Ebbwater Consulting, a Vancouver-based company that provides flood management solutions.