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We love the wilderness. Do we wreck it when we move in?

We missed the “For Sale” sign the first time we passed it. It was nailed to a tree a few feet in from the road. When I pulled over to park, a large boulder dislodged itself from the roadbed and scraped the underside of our car. The seven-acre property near Perth, Ont., was densely wooded, but once we scrambled through the understorey lining the road we emerged into an open forest of mixed hardwood and spruce and were able to walk easily down to the lake.

Tips to simplify your cottage opening weekend

Every cottage is unique, whether you’re tucked away on a tiny island in the Kawarthas or perched above the pebbled beaches of Lake Huron. But one aspect of cottage life never changes: the opening weekend chore list. 

And as much as we long to arrive at the lake after a lengthy winter, we all quietly dread the cleaning, fixing, and trash hauling that needs to happen before we can kick back with a drink on the dock. So to make short work of your opening-weekend chores, here are some tips from three decades of Cottage Life. 

Have everything in order before you go 

Alberta’s Kananaskis Country introduces $90 annual fee to manage surge in park visits

For anyone looking to enjoy the rugged landscape of Alberta’s Kananaskis Country, it will now come at a price.

The Alberta government announced that as of June 1, it would be introducing a $90 annual fee, or a $15 per day fee, for anyone using the provincial parks in Kananaskis Country. The fee will be charged per vehicle rather than per person, with exemptions for First Nations people and low-income earners.

3 dog walking experiences you have to try

We’ve been cooped up for a while now. And while it may have been great hanging with your pup 24/7 for the first bit of quarantine, he might be getting a little restless these days. Just because us humans have to stay home right now doesn’t mean your pup has to as well. Here are three ways you can give your dog the walk he deserves.

Wild Profile: Meet the yellow-spotted salamander

If you’ve spotted the yellow-spotted salamander, you’ll know exactly what it is—just look at those neon-bright spots! Okay, truth: you probably won’t often see these stealthy, puppy-faced amphibians. They’re fond of hiding beneath mossy rocks or inside rotting stumps. But they’re there. These salamanders usually only emerge on damp, early-May nights, and hit the water—large ponds, or small, boggy, lakes—hoping to (what else?) hook up.