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Goderich Hydro Merging with Erie-Thames Power

Goderich council has approved the merger of Goderich Hydro with Erie-Thames Powerlines.

Goderich Hydro board member Duncan Jewell says the fact that Goderich residents will be getting their power from a much larger producer will provide several advantages.

“The services that they can provide and the advancements in technology that is happening in the electrical industry far exceeds what Goderich Hydro could do on their own. We just do not have the expertise or the knowledge to provide the kind of services that many other utilities around the Province are providing.”

A Snowpacked Morning Drive

Weather and road conditions have improved a great deal across our region today, with the exception of southern Huron, Lambton, and Middlesex counties.

There is an almost stationary band of heavy snow that extends from just south of Goderich, east and south toward Exeter, Lucan and London. Visibility is poor in that area.

There are no road closures at this time.

Lockout Continues For Security Guards at Goderich Mine

A staff representative for the union representing 13 security guards who have been locked out at the Compass Sifto Salt Mine in Goderich says they’re very disappointed the employer chose to lock them out.

Jesse Walker of U.S. Steel explains the employer is ASAP Secured, the company that has the contract with Compass Minerals for security at the Goderich mine.

Collaborative Fights Phragmites with International Approach

The Great Lakes Phragmites Collaborative has sprouted in the basin to bring together Canadian and US agencies, organizations and citizen groups to share information about the best ways to snuff out the plant. The group is now taking it a step further with a Phragmites Adaptive Management Framework to compile and analyze data on control efforts across the region. The collaborative is coordinated out of Ann Arbor, Michigan, by the Great Lakes Commission (GLC).

New paper on agricultural practices presented at Lake Erie Foundation event

A scientific paper written as a blueprint for addressing Lake Erie algae calls on the agricultural industry to focus more on injecting manure and other fertilizers three to five inches underground and limiting phosphorus applications to 50 parts per million or less. Read the full story by the Toledo Blade.

Stormy Weather For Midwestern Ontario

Weather conditions have taken a turn for the worse across some parts of Midwestern Ontario.

A blast of colder air has triggered blowing snow and localized snow squalls.

Wind gusts of 40 km/hr to 70 km/hr are expected through Tuesday night and into Wednesday, reducing visibility to near zero at times. Areas with stationary bands of snow could see 20 cm to 30 cm or more by Wednesday.