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Propane Association Wants Perth East To Compare Costs With Natural Gas

The Canadian Propane Association suggests the consumers consider the full picture now that Natural Gas is being expanded into the Perth East area.

The President and CEO suggests natural gas could end up as a more expensive option in recently approved expansion areas like Milverton.

Nathalie St-Pierre says there are a lot of costs that customers should take into account.

“Conversion costs, there’s the connection costs, so if your driveway is far from the line you going to have some costs there to ensure that you’re connected, there are delivery costs,” she says

Thousands Expected For Bruce Power’s Annual Beach Party

There’s a huge summer celebration Saturday at Kincardine’s Station Beach.   It’s Bruce Power’s annual Beach Party.

Over 4,000 guests will be entertained and fed, starting at 6 p.m. in the main tent.   Opening ceremonies will begin at 6:30 p.m.

There will be a 48-foot inflated obstacle course, two 24-foot rock climbing walls, jumbo games, bouncy castles, giant kites on the beach, balloon twisters, face painters, airbrushed tattoo artists, a photo booth, as well as a number of local entertainers.

The finale is fireworks at dusk over Lake Huron.

South Bruce Economy Changing

The Municipality of South Bruce is looking at a brighter future despite the loss of the brewery in Formosa.

Mayor Robert Buckle says he is very disappointed that the brewery that opened in 1870, closed this month, and will no longer be Formosa’s major employer.

Brick brewed it last beer in Formosa earlier this month, and Buckle says they hope to be able to bring in a new owner.

Kincardine Considers Future of Recreation in The Municipality

Kincardine residents can help shape the future of recreation in the community.

The municipality is in the process of creating a Parks Master Plan.

The municipality often receives requests for additional parks or playgrounds.

They want to come up with a plan to ensure the large number of playgrounds, athletic fields and green spaces are meeting community needs.

A Public Input survey will ensure Council takes everyone’s viewpoints into consideration.

Huron East Man A Victim of CRA Scam

Scammers claiming to work for the Canada Revenue Agency have struck again in Huron County.

A Huron East man in his 40’s received a call earlier this month from someone stating they were from the CRA.    The victim was told there were some inconsistencies with his business tax return and he owed $7600 in back taxes.   The scammer was very adamant that the owed money had to be paid immediately.

Union Gas Expansion Will Go Ahead In Perth East

The Ontario Energy Board has approved a Union Gas Community Expansion Application for Milverton, Rostock, and Warburg.

Union Gas says customers who heat their home and water with natural gas can save up to $1,500 on average every year compared to electricity, oil or propane.

In late 2016, the OEB issued a new regulatory framework for extending natural gas service in new rural and northern communities where expansion was not economically feasible under the old system.

Union Gas was first to submit an application, and after extensive review, the plan was approved.

Brown recluse spider bite sends Nova Scotia man to hospital

A Nova Scotia man is recovering after what he thought was a mere mosquito bite turned out to be a venomous spider bite – likely from the deadly brown recluse.

On Aug. 2, Stephen McKellar first noticed a small mark on his right thigh. Thinking it wasn’t anything serious, him and his wife continued on with their planned vacation the next day to Fox Harbour in Nova Scotia. But the next day, the mark had swelled into a large red lesion that covered the back of his thigh.