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Sep 18 2019, 12:41pm EDT
It’s official – Canadians will be heading to the polls Oct. 21. On Sept. 11 Prime Minister Justin Trudeau officially launched the campaign for this fall’s election. There are five candidates in the Huron-Bruce riding. Progressive Conservative Ben Lobb, who has been the riding’s Member of Parliament since 2008, faces opposition from four hopefuls – […]
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Sep 15 2019, 9:56am EDT
A re-elected Liberal government will make it easier and more affordable for hard-working Canadians to start and grow their own businesses. Right now, seven out of every ten Canadians work for small and medium-sized businesses — making them Canada’s largest employers and drivers of our economy. That includes businesses here in Huron-Bruce, where local stores […]
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Sep 15 2019, 9:03am EDT
On September 10, 2019, the South Bruce Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) received information on a wanted male. Officers approached the male who fled into a bush lot near the intersection of Highway 9 and Bruce County Road 7 in the Municipality of Kincardine. Following a brief foot chase, officers arrested 24-year-old Jeremy HOGG for breach […]

The Kincardine Independent

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Mar 26 2019, 5:10am EDT

The recent fire on Queen Street is another blow to a downtown that is already experiencing a shortage of retail businesses.

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Mar 19 2019, 4:32am EDT
Section:  News Post Date:  19/03/2019, 04:30 Photo Gallery
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Mar 19 2019, 4:18am EDT
Section:  News Post Date:  19/03/2019, 04:17

By Barb McKay

Lucknow Sentinel

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Aug 28 2019, 12:00pm EDT
A slight shower the previous night had refreshed the plants in Heather Newman’s bountiful herb garden as 20 Ripley Horticultural youth and 6 adults set about harvesting herbs. Read More
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Aug 22 2019, 11:00pm EDT
Well, now that Music in the Fields is over, we can breath a sigh of relief. It’s great that we get all these artists here to entertain all those who come from far away and injest our community with lots of money, but it certainly is nice when we’re back to normal and peace reigns once again. We do hope that the weekend was as successful as it appeared to be. We also look forward to hearing how well financially things went, but that may take a few weeks for all the bills to be added up and taken care of. Congratulations to all the great volunteers who made the weekend such a success.
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Aug 19 2019, 10:02am EDT
Congratulations to the folks who participated in the Ripley Food, Arts and Crafts show on the weekend.  There was an amazing variety of items offered.  Everyone who attended appreciated the fine workmanship. We are so thankful that  we didn’t get that tornado that was forecasted.  The high winds were bad enough.  The sunny weather has […]

Blackburn News - Midwestern Ontario

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Sep 16 2019, 4:26pm EDT

Local home prices are increasing at about three times the pace of prices on a national average.

The Realtors Association of Grey Bruce Owen Sound reports that after factoring out one unusually expensive residential property sale in August 2018, August 2019 saw a record 12.8 per cent price increase.

The average price of homes sold in August 2019 was $411,433 with an overall supply near record lows.

The more comprehensive year-to-date average price was $387,001. The average price so far this year is up 8.2 per cent from the first eight months of 2018.

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Sep 15 2019, 2:47pm EDT

Ron Oswald was all smiles as he cut the ribbon to reopen the bridge that now bears his family name.

Oswald was joined by about a hundred family and supporters as the Chesley Main Street Bridge was officially opened and renamed the Oswald Bridge, in recognition of generations of public service.

The 86-year old Oswald was a councillor in the former Elderslie Township and the final mayor of Chesley before becoming the first mayor of the amalgamated Arran-Elderslie, and also served as Bruce County warden in 2006.

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Sep 14 2019, 12:56pm EDT

A recall has been issued for a brand of baby formula that has been sold throughout most of the country.

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency says there have been reports of illnesses associated with Calcilo X-D powder from Abbott Laboratories, although the number of cases has not been released.

The agency says the recall is due to the product being off-colour and rancid.

It was distributed in Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia, Ontario, Quebec and Saskatchewan.

Great Lakes Commission

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Sep 19 2019, 12:05pm EDT

The toxic algal blooms on Lake Erie are part of a broader national phenomena that is being exacerbated by warming temperatures and nutrient pollution. Read the full story by The Guardian.

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Sep 19 2019, 12:04pm EDT

Multiple organizations in the Cleveland area are hosting beach clean-up efforts in conjunction with International Coastal Clean Up Day this Saturday. Read the full story by the Cleveland Plain Dealer.

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Sep 19 2019, 12:03pm EDT

International shipments through the St. Lawrence Seaway to Great Lakes ports have fallen by 3.5% so far this year, largely due to a significant decline in U.S. soybean exports. Read the full story by Northwest Indiana Times.

London Free Press

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Aug 29 2019, 9:02am EDT
It won’t be perfect, but it’ll still be pretty good. The outlook for this Labour Day weekend includes plenty of sunshine and seasonal temperatures, but the London region could also see some rain, Environment Canada says. Before getting there, the national weather agency is forecasting a daytime high of 25 C Thursday, feeling more like […]
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Aug 27 2019, 7:38pm EDT
A group of neighbours living along the Lake Erie shoreline will be playing a tense waiting game for the rest of this week. Read More
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Aug 01 2019, 6:31pm EDT
Home to one of the world’s largest nuclear plants, and the radioactive waste that goes with it, Southwestern Ontario also is where scientists are looking for a safe new way to contain spent fuel from the nation’s nuclear reactors. Read More

Cottage Life

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Sep 19 2019, 2:18pm EDT

Fall in cottage country is beautiful—crisp, clean air; a quilt of coloured trees lining the hills; and sparkling, shimmering water undisturbed by summer’s eager boaters.

Thanksgiving at the cottage can be something special too—if you do it right. Chances are, that weekend is also close-up, and while you want to get everything ticked off your to-do list, you want to enjoy the spirit of the season as well.

Here are five ways to hack your Thanksgiving feast, so you can get your work done and still have time to relax and enjoy those last precious cottage moments.

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Sep 13 2019, 10:14am EDT

On August 30, My Muskoka Now reported a sighting of the invasive gypsy moth in Ontario’s Parry Sound. Originally found throughout Europe and Asia, this deciduous-destroying insect was brought to North America in the late 1860s by Leopold Trouvelot, a French artist and amateur entomologist, in an attempt to establish a silk industry in the United States. But the insect escaped from Trouvelot’s laboratory in Boston, Massachusetts, thriving and multiplying in the nearby hardwood ecosystem.

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Sep 12 2019, 11:00am EDT

Nobody wants to say goodbye to summer days on the dock, but unless you’ve winterized your cottage, closing up in the fall is something we all have to do. Luckily, Cottage Life editor Michelle Kelly has some helpful tips to make the process less painful.

Research and writing by Jackie Davis.

Lake Huron Centre for Coastal Conservation

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Wednesday, May 3, 2017 - 00:00

April was another busy month for LHCCC staff, gearing up for the action-packed summer ahead. Just like many of you, we are loving the warmer spring weather and soaking up some sun during our lunch hour walks along the Goderich Beach.

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Thursday, April 6, 2017 - 00:00

Welcome to April's edition of the LHCCC Newsletter! Spring has “sort of sprung”? Mother nature is trying her best to bring back our summer weather, and I am sure many of you are contemplating your returns to your cottages and planning your summer vacation.

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Wednesday, March 1, 2017 - 00:00

Matt at Environmental Defence Gala 4

Wow, do we have a lot to share in this month’s newsletter! The Coastal Centre has been very busy collaborating with environmental groups along our shoreline to protect your lake.

I had the opportunity to attend the Environmental Defense Gala in Toronto. We have had a planning workshop with the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry, met with Conservation Authorities, Healthy Lake Huron and the Bruce Peninsula Biosphere Association. We have made presentations to several of your municipal councils, have met with Pine River Watershed Initiative Network and the International Joint Commission.  We are doing all this in an effort to link all environmental groups along our shore to create a cohesive effort to protect and improve the health of Lake Huron.