Kincardine News

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Aug 15 2017, 9:02am EDT
Police have identified a man who died after a horse kicked him in the chest south of Kincardine.
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Aug 14 2017, 4:26pm EDT
July saw another record set for home sales in Grey-Bruce.
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Aug 10 2017, 12:08pm EDT
Grey-Bruce municipalities have received the first of two installments from the federal Gas Tax Fund for this year.

The Kincardine Independent

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Aug 15 2017, 10:13am EDT

A youngster checks out the view of Lake Huron from the waterfront in Point Clark Saturday afternoon during the Point Clark Lighthouse Festival. The lake was choppy, but warm on the weekend. (Josh Howald photo)

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Aug 15 2017, 10:11am EDT

Radioisotope production at Bruce Power could be one Ontario girl’s only option to win her battle with cancer.

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Aug 15 2017, 10:10am EDT

The Kincardine Scottish Pipe Band marches Saturday night through downtown Kincardine. (Josh Howald photo)

Lucknow Sentinel

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Jun 13 2017, 2:35pm EDT
The Lucknow Reunion 2018 fashions are hot off the press and ready for the public.
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May 30 2017, 4:03pm EDT
Saugeen Conservation has announced the Grand Opening of a new boardwalk system at the Greenock Swamp, Southern Ontario’s single largest forested wetland.
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May 09 2017, 2:41pm EDT
A total of $1.5 million in medical equipment and facility upgrades has been donated to the Wingham & District Hospital by the Foundation through community contributions in the past year.

Blackburn News - Midwestern Ontario

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Aug 18 2017, 12:56pm EDT

The Canadian Propane Association suggests the consumers consider the full picture now that Natural Gas is being expanded into the Perth East area.

The President and CEO suggests natural gas could end up as a more expensive option in recently approved expansion areas like Milverton.

Nathalie St-Pierre says there are a lot of costs that customers should take into account.

“Conversion costs, there’s the connection costs, so if your driveway is far from the line you going to have some costs there to ensure that you’re connected, there are delivery costs,” she says

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Aug 17 2017, 9:34am EDT

There’s a huge summer celebration Saturday at Kincardine’s Station Beach.   It’s Bruce Power’s annual Beach Party.

Over 4,000 guests will be entertained and fed, starting at 6 p.m. in the main tent.   Opening ceremonies will begin at 6:30 p.m.

There will be a 48-foot inflated obstacle course, two 24-foot rock climbing walls, jumbo games, bouncy castles, giant kites on the beach, balloon twisters, face painters, airbrushed tattoo artists, a photo booth, as well as a number of local entertainers.

The finale is fireworks at dusk over Lake Huron.

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Aug 16 2017, 2:33pm EDT

The Municipality of South Bruce is looking at a brighter future despite the loss of the brewery in Formosa.

Mayor Robert Buckle says he is very disappointed that the brewery that opened in 1870, closed this month, and will no longer be Formosa’s major employer.

Brick brewed it last beer in Formosa earlier this month, and Buckle says they hope to be able to bring in a new owner.

Great Lakes Information Network - Ontario

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Jul 17 2017, 8:05am EDT
A non-native freshwater jellyfish has been detected in several sites along Lake Erie. It's believe that the species was introduced accidentally through ballast water from Philadelphia.
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Jul 17 2017, 8:05am EDT
Illinois officials remain on high alert after an Asian carp was caught on the Lake Michigan side of electric barriers in the Calumet River. Searches have discovered no other fish beyond the barriers. Release of an Army Corps of Engineers study with recommendations has been delayed by the federal administration.
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Jul 13 2017, 8:05am EDT
A researcher at SUNY Fredonia who studies the effects of plastics pollution in fresh water systems plans to swim 12 miles across Lake Erie to raise awareness about this growing problem.

London Free Press

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Jul 24 2017, 4:50pm EDT
Despite the recently announced closure of Siemens' wind turbine plant in Tillsonburg, Ontario's energy minister remains hopeful in the province's green energy sector.
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Jul 18 2017, 10:43am EDT
Siemens Canada is closing its wind- turbine plant here, slashing more than 340 jobs and shuttering one of the town’s largest employers.

Cottage Life

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Aug 15 2017, 10:33am EDT

A Nova Scotia man is recovering after what he thought was a mere mosquito bite turned out to be a venomous spider bite – likely from the deadly brown recluse.

On Aug. 2, Stephen McKellar first noticed a small mark on his right thigh. Thinking it wasn’t anything serious, him and his wife continued on with their planned vacation the next day to Fox Harbour in Nova Scotia. But the next day, the mark had swelled into a large red lesion that covered the back of his thigh.

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Aug 14 2017, 1:24pm EDT

If you’re sick of the grind, city living isn’t necessary to have a fulfilling, profitable career. Many jobs are transferable to rural areas—notably, doctors, nurses and teachers are in high demand in Canada’s smaller municipalities.

But if you’re trying to get away from fast-paced life, there are many careers that allow you truly revel in the cottage country lifestyle year-round. Here are eight jobs that you can still do dockside—or at least outdoors.

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Aug 14 2017, 10:30am EDT

Folks across Canada like to take advantage of the country’s all-too-short summer by leaving their primary dwellings and escaping to somewhere with a little more wilderness, a little less chaos and, ideally, a lot more relaxation.

But while the need to get away is pretty universal, there are some important differences across the country.

Lake Huron Centre for Coastal Conservation

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Wednesday, May 3, 2017 - 00:00

April was another busy month for LHCCC staff, gearing up for the action-packed summer ahead. Just like many of you, we are loving the warmer spring weather and soaking up some sun during our lunch hour walks along the Goderich Beach.

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Thursday, April 6, 2017 - 00:00

Welcome to April's edition of the LHCCC Newsletter! Spring has “sort of sprung”? Mother nature is trying her best to bring back our summer weather, and I am sure many of you are contemplating your returns to your cottages and planning your summer vacation.

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Wednesday, March 1, 2017 - 00:00

Matt at Environmental Defence Gala 4

Wow, do we have a lot to share in this month’s newsletter! The Coastal Centre has been very busy collaborating with environmental groups along our shoreline to protect your lake.

I had the opportunity to attend the Environmental Defense Gala in Toronto. We have had a planning workshop with the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry, met with Conservation Authorities, Healthy Lake Huron and the Bruce Peninsula Biosphere Association. We have made presentations to several of your municipal councils, have met with Pine River Watershed Initiative Network and the International Joint Commission.  We are doing all this in an effort to link all environmental groups along our shore to create a cohesive effort to protect and improve the health of Lake Huron.