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Mar 21 2019, 4:30pm EDT

7Acres is a budding business.

The Tiverton-based cannabis growing facility cut the ribbon Wednesday on a 30,000 square feet expansion that will include new space for cloning, propagation and irrigation as well as 13 flowering rooms.

According to a release from the company the flowering spaces will increase the site’s growing capacity to 17.5 metric tons over a year. Including the new wing, the Tiverton site is now 120,000 square feet of licensed production space with further construction underway.

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Mar 18 2019, 9:12pm EDT

A March 11 fire that affected apartments and businesses in downtown Kincardine is still under investigation but foul play has been ruled out according to the municipality’s fire chief.

Kincardine Fire Chief Kent Padfield said that the Ontario Fire Marshall has ruled the fire, which damaged apartments and businesses at 790 and 792 Queen Street, “non-suspicious,” and still under investigation.

Padfield explained that the marshall, that wrapped up its onsite work March 13 is not likely to release the cause of the fire for several months.

The Kincardine Independent

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Mar 19 2019, 4:32am EDT
Section:  News Post Date:  19/03/2019, 04:30 Photo Gallery
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Mar 19 2019, 4:18am EDT
Section:  News Post Date:  19/03/2019, 04:17

By Barb McKay

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Mar 12 2019, 4:10am EDT

A major fire in downtown Kincardine had Queen St. between Harbour and Lambton streets closed off for much of the day Monday, March 11.  The buildings housing West Shore Clothing, Becker Shoes and private apartments sustained significant damage. Trucks and firefighters from a number of local fire departments were on scene, as was EMS and OPP. Further details were not available at press time. (Tammy Schneider photo)


Lucknow Sentinel

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Mar 24 2019, 12:34pm EDT
Craig Beck pledges $1,000 towards repairs

The Lucknow Kinsmen Soccer Fields have been damaged by what appears to be a motorized vehicle.

Tire tracks have left marks in the grass of the field and will add to the maintenance costs, according to Mark Hackett, facility manager of the Lucknow and District Recreation Department.

“I am currently trying to obtain information to see if we can figure out a timeline when this incident might have happened,” he said in an email.

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Mar 22 2019, 11:56pm EDT

Several Lucknow residents woke up Tuesday morning to discover they had been robbed.

As of Friday afternoon, the South Bruce OPP confirmed 11 reports of vehicle entries and theft across seven different streets in Lucknow. Police believe the incidents took place between 8 p.m. on Monday night and 6 a.m. on Tuesday morning.

For Lucknow residents Scott and Luanne Gilkes, who noticed two chainsaws and a toolbox taken from their garage Tuesday morning, the cost of replacing the items is less concerning than the idea of how close the robber or robbers may have been.

Blackburn News - Midwestern Ontario

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Mar 25 2019, 2:51pm EDT

Bruce Power has completed another harvest of medical-grade Cobalt-60, which will diagnose and treat brain and breast cancers.

The medical-grade Cobalt-60 has spent nearly two years in Bruce Power’s Unit 7 reactor.

Ottawa-based Nordion will process the material and make it available to the world’s medical community.

The product is being used to develop new ways to diagnose and treat cancer.

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Mar 25 2019, 9:30am EDT

The Kincardine hospital is undergoing some changes this week.

Beginning Thursday, outpatient laboratory services will move from the hospital to the Kincardine Family Health Team.

Patients with a requisition for blood work can present to the Hawthorne Community Clinic to have their samples collected.  It’s on the same property as the hospital.

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Mar 22 2019, 10:45am EDT

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency has recalled Janes brand Pub Style Chicken Nuggets because they could be contaminated with salmonella.

The product is made by Sofina Foods and has a best before date of December 15, 2019. The UPC code is 0 69299 12490 3.

The agency issued the recall after investigating a foodborne illness outbreak, but it is not saying where the illnesses were located.

Great Lakes Commission

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Mar 25 2019, 10:21am EDT

On World Water Day, Michigan Congresswoman Debbie Dingell was elected a co-chair of the Great Lakes Task Force, a bipartisan group of House and Senate members that work together to advocate for issues that preserve the Great Lakes and support the region. Read the full story by the Dearborn Press and Guide.

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Mar 22 2019, 12:02pm EDT

The most comprehensive assessment of climate impact on the Great Lakes region to date found that the region has warmed more compared to the rest of the U.S., and predicts increased flooding, algal blooms, and coastal erosion by the end of this century. Read the full story by the Duluth News Tribune.

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Mar 22 2019, 12:02pm EDT

The Soo Locks open at midnight on Monday, signaling the start of shipping season on the Great Lakes. Read the full story by the Duluth News Tribune.

London Free Press

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Feb 22 2019, 7:45am EST

One year after a Southwestern Ontario bridge collapsed spectacularly during a major storm, the structure still hasn’t been replaced and local politicians are also trying to fill another gap, the funding kind.

Elgin County politicians are asking the province to pitch in to cover some of the estimated $4.5 million it will cost the county to replace the Port Bruce bridge on Imperial Road, which collapsed, amid heavy rainfall, a year ago on Saturday as a truck carrying gravel was being driven across it.

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Jan 25 2019, 9:42pm EST

By Adrian Higgins

Recently I cradled a brown, wizened and lifeless stem of a plant in my hand and waited for Linda Davis.

She arrived bearing a water dropper and some words of advice: Have your magnifying glass ready “or you may miss it.”

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Jan 10 2019, 11:31am EST

The signature growling stutter of the Harley Davidson engine is gone, replaced by a jet engine-like whine that betrays its electric, cutting-edge technology.

But at zero to 100 km/h an hour in 3.5 seconds, this bike is still all Harley.

London has been chosen as one of the cities that will be first to sell Harley Davidson’s new electric motorcycle, LiveWire, to be available in late spring or early summer, as the iconic bike maker looks to woo new riders.

Cottage Life

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Mar 22 2019, 10:35am EDT

Friday, March 22 is World Water Day, and it’s an opportunity to reflect on the life-giving resource that many of us in the developed world take for granted. Coordinated by UN-Water, this day of observance reminds us that 2.1 billion people still don’t have safe water at home. This year’s World Water Day theme: “Leaving no one behind.”

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Mar 22 2019, 10:09am EDT

It’s been a long, cold winter—there’s no denying that. We’ve endured freezing rain, hail, blustering winds, and snow—so much snow. But the sun is starting to shine a few extra minutes each day, and the snow is slowly melting. March 20th marked the first day of spring, and with it, the hope of warm weather and an early start to cottage season. Here are 15 reasons you should be excited for spring at the cottage this year.

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Mar 22 2019, 9:00am EDT

Got any white tablecloths or other delicate linens? Then you know they don’t stay white forever. Stains are a pain to remove, sure, but linens that have yellowed because of exposure to acidic material during storage (common culprit = cardboard box) are even harder to rehab. It takes time, but it’s not impossible.

Tricks to try

Lake Huron Centre for Coastal Conservation

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Wednesday, May 3, 2017 - 00:00

April was another busy month for LHCCC staff, gearing up for the action-packed summer ahead. Just like many of you, we are loving the warmer spring weather and soaking up some sun during our lunch hour walks along the Goderich Beach.

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Thursday, April 6, 2017 - 00:00

Welcome to April's edition of the LHCCC Newsletter! Spring has “sort of sprung”? Mother nature is trying her best to bring back our summer weather, and I am sure many of you are contemplating your returns to your cottages and planning your summer vacation.

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Wednesday, March 1, 2017 - 00:00

Matt at Environmental Defence Gala 4

Wow, do we have a lot to share in this month’s newsletter! The Coastal Centre has been very busy collaborating with environmental groups along our shoreline to protect your lake.

I had the opportunity to attend the Environmental Defense Gala in Toronto. We have had a planning workshop with the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry, met with Conservation Authorities, Healthy Lake Huron and the Bruce Peninsula Biosphere Association. We have made presentations to several of your municipal councils, have met with Pine River Watershed Initiative Network and the International Joint Commission.  We are doing all this in an effort to link all environmental groups along our shore to create a cohesive effort to protect and improve the health of Lake Huron.