10 fun facts about mosquitoes

Summer is full of buzz… from mosquitoes, that is. These pesky insects can sometimes take the fun out of warm summer nights by the lake. We gathered some interesting facts about the little creatures that will help you understand the buzz around them a little better.

1 / 10 Beware of the Female

Not all mosquitoes bite. Female mosquitoes are the ones who need the protein in human blood to form eggs. So the next time you are bitten, remember it's the female at work.

2 / 10 They have really short lives

Male mosquitoes barely live a fortnight. Female mosquitoes tend to live longer — approximately 6-8 weeks, if they live in wet, moist conditions. Hibernating female mosquitoes can live up to six months.

3 / 10 They fly really slowly

You can try and win a race against a mosquito because they are really slow fliers. Their poor speed also means that mosquitoes don't travel too far from where they were hatched.

4 / 10 They can breed even in the slightest of water

Just a litte pool of water — that's what it takes for an army of mosquitoes to breed. To avoid breeding grounds around you, try and keep open spaces dry and airy.

5 / 10 They are threatened by dragonflies and fish

If you thought mosquitoes fear nothing, think again. Mosquitoes are threatened by the presence of fish in the water because fish tend to eat mosquito eggs. Apparently, young mosquitoes are also the favourite food of dragonflies.

6 / 10 You smell good to them especially on your worst days

While we find sweat repelling, mosquitoes are attracted to it. Some of the odours that our skin produces is appealing to them, so you can therefore expect a few bites the next time you are out running.

7 / 10 They have been around for centuries

Mosquitoes have existed for nearly 2500 years.

8 / 10 Dark clothing attracts them

Dark clothing retains heat, which in turn attracts mosquitoes. Opt for light, summery colours when stepping outdoors into mosquito territory.

9 / 10 They are toothless

Mosquitoes dont bite with their teeth, they use their proboscis. It pierces the skin and locates your blood which the mosquito then draws out.

10 / 10 Their name means 'a little fly'

Mosquito is the Spanish word for a little fly. They are also famous as Mozzies in the land down under a.k.a. Australia.


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