ATV use on county roads being reviewed

Huron County Engineer Steve Lund says a change in Provincial legislation that now allows ATV’s on all highways has prompted the county to review its bylaws.

Lund says the existing county bylaw prohibits the use of ATV’s on county roads without specific permission but the Provincial legislation that came into effect in January changes that.

“So we have to go back and look at our existing bylaws or existing usages and essentially prohibit ATV’s if it doesn’t make sense and work with the municipalities to still try and maintain those existing linkages because they’re are a few within the county,” said Lund.

Lund says in the past, the county would look at each situation if a county road was a connector between trails or areas of ATV usage.

“So county public works will be working with their local public works staff to try and determine where the needs are in terms of ATV access on both county highways and local municipalities will have to do the same.”

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