AUDIO: How should Western react to sexual assaults?

Western University and London Police have both said they’re looking into social media claims that several women were drugged and sexually assaulted on campus.

But, at this point, both say no complaints have been registered related to what was said to have happened at the Medway-Syndenham residence. There have been arrests made in relation to four sexual assaults,  but those appear to be unrelated to the complaints that were widely seen on TikTok.

The police and the university have asked anyone who has been impacted to come forward.

Some students, meantime, have organized a Friday walk out in support of survivors and have asked those attending to wear teal.

I stand with our survivors and my student body. I hear you, believe you, and support you.

Friday at noon, I will be on UC Hill. I hope to see you there.

— Lauryn Bikos (@laurynjbikos) September 14, 2021

What should the university do next? And how should they assist those impacted by sexual assaults in the future?

Dr. Annalise Trudell of ANOVA spoke to 519 Podcast host Craig Needles to share her thoughts.



ANOVA has resources for survivors of sexual assaults. Their phone number is listed below.

If you've been impacted by sexual or gender-based violence, our Crisis Line is available 24/7 at 519-642-3000. You are not alone.

— Anova (@AnovaFuture) September 13, 2021

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