Huron-Bruce MP voices concerns about China and canola

Huron-Bruce MP Ben Lobb hopes Canada can resolve its dispute with China before farmers suffer.

China has cut back imports of Canadian canola, claiming the product is contaminated. It’s considered part of retaliation for Canada’s arrest of a high ranking Chinese tech executive. Canada exports about half its $5 billion canola crop to China.

Lobb says Canada’s dispute with China could affect all kinds of agricultural commodities, including beef, pork, corn and soybeans.

“The Canadian government and the Chinese regime need to lock themselves in a room and they need to get this done. They need to hammer it out because it’s too serious. We’re heading in to planting season here in another month or six weeks depending on what province you’re in and farmers need certainty, the market need certainty and we need to get this straightened around,” said Lobb.

He says Grey Bruce does not grown a lot of canola but notes Wingham’s Pioneer Seed handles the product.

Lobb made the comments while attending the Politicians’ Meeting in Elmwood on Saturday.

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