Local conservation authorities team up to produce videos on shoreline activity

Three local conservation Authorities have teamed up with community partners to produce a series of four videos to help people better understand shoreline activity.

The videos provide information on four themes; shoreline processes, living with erosion, what you need to know before planning to build along the shoreline and what you need to know before buying property along the shoreline.

Ashley Richards is the Communications Coordinator with the Saugeen Valley Conservation Authority.

“We don’t expect everyone to understand how our coastal systems work,” said Richards. “They’re very complicated. There’s all kinds of issues that come up when people are looking to build or renovate houses or properties along the shoreline, like erosion, flooding, unstable soil. All these types of things.”

Richards says they suggest anyone who is considering buying shoreline property or planning a renovation on shoreline property should contact their local conservation authority before they do anything else.

“We hope that they reach out right away. As soon as they’re starting to think about property development, whether that’s building from the ground up or even altering a property along the shoreline, we want to know right away so that we can get involved and help guide them through the process,” added Richards.

The videos can be viewed by visiting the YouTube channel of the Healthy Lake Huron – Clean Water, Clean Beaches Partnership.

Or you can also visit the Healthy Lake Huron Facebook page for the videos.

The Shoreline Information Video Series is possible due to funding support from federal departments and provincial agencies supporting the Lake Huron-Georgian Bay Watershed Canadian Community Action Initiative.

Support was also provided by Healthy Lake Huron – Clean Water, Clean Beaches Partnership, and Ausable Bayfield Conservation, Maitland Conservation, and Saugeen Conservation.

The Shoreline Processes and Living with Erosion videos were created thanks to the support of the Ashfield-Colborne Lakefront Association.

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