National Awards For Kincardine And Bruce County

An advertising campaign for Kincardine has been judged as the best in Canada.

Bruce County’s “Pants Optional” campaign won the Economic Developers Association of Canada’s award for best advertising campaign, followed by the EDAC Cup, which recognizes the best of all category winners.

The “Pants Optional” campaign depicts people in kilts in everyday situations in Kincardine, a nod to the municipality’s Scottish heritage.

Warden Mitch Twolan says it’s a catchy and memorable slogan, adding the county’s and Kincardine’s tourism staff deserve all the credit for implementing it so well. He says rural municipalities have to go the extra mile and be a little edgy if they want to stand out.

“I think they do, you look at the branding that we’ve done here at Bruce County with our new logo and all that, you have to be different,” says Twolan. “I think you have to separate yourself.”

Manager of Corporate Policy and Economic Development Kara Van Myall says the Kincardine campaign beat out major cities like Vancouver, Hamilton and Moncton, New Brunswick for the awards.

“We were up against regions from across Canada, so everything from cities to municipalities,” says Van Myall. “Not too many rural folks put their name in for this, so we were up against some of the big players when it comes to economic development.”

Bruce County also won for best single publication over four pages for the “Best of The Bruce” guide book.

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