Paramedics ready to distribute flu shots

Huron County Paramedic Services is helping Huron Perth Public Health by offering flu shot clinics in various locations throughout the county this fall.

Chief of Emergency Services, Jeff Horseman says this is the second year they’ve helped deliver flu shots. He says last year they were limited to giving the flu shot to county staff, but that’s been expanded this year.

“So we are not only able to do County of Huron staff and the paramedic staff, we are able to go outside of the staff realm and help with immunization of the public this year,” said Horseman.

Horseman says they’ve been holding some wellness clinics at some of the county’s social service housing buildings.

“We’ve been making them open to the residents of those buildings. We have some retirement homes that we’ve been asked to hold clinics at, we are doing Huron OPP and a few other small public clinics around the community,” added Horseman.

Last year they provided the flu shot to about 200 people and it’s expected that number will reach 400 by the time they’re finished this year.

And there is another goal with the initiative.

“We’re being prepared to build the infrastructure that we need to build to help within the health care system for when COVID-19 vaccine is available. That’s really what we’re building to, to help us set up and have the infrastructure ready to go for when COVID vaccine is available,” said Horseman.

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