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Bruce Beach Golf Club Cleanup

Saturday, June 10, 2017 - 09:00
Hello all
Just a reminder about the BB Golf Club Cleanup on June 10th at 9:00am with a rain date of June 11th at 9:00am
The greens should be all ready for flags and holes.
Jobs to get done depending on manpower;
- Install holes, flags, distribute mats and tee blocks
- cut cedars and deciduous trees on the 8th hill
- step repair on 2nd to 3rd path and 8th hill
- trim paths from 2nd to 3rd and on the 8th path
- tree trimming behind 8th hole
- tree trimming behind 1st hole
- roto tilling traps and 1st, 8th and 9th tees
- install cedar rail fence behind 9th tee
All help would be appreciated.  Would those planning to attend please email me so I can figure out what we can accomplish and what tools we will need. 
Clippers to trim would be a good tool bring as well as some rakes for clearing some leaves around 1st green.
Also, there will be hot dogs and refreshments at the CH at noon.
Hope to see you there
Jim Pennington

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