Bruce Beach Golf Course Work Bee

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Bruce Beach Golf Course Work Bee

Saturday, September 30, 2023 - 09:00 to 12:00

A Note from the Bruce Beach Golf Club

As mentioned in our last note, we are planning a Work Bee to deal with some of the remaining of ash trees on the lower part of the course.  

Date: Saturday September 30th

Time:  9am -12pm 

We plan to drop the trees before the weekend and then on Saturday cut the trees to firewood length and remove the wood from the course.  Brush will be  piled and dealt with later.

Please let me know by email ( ) if you plan to attend.  The more helpers we have, the more trees we can deal with.  

We are also thinking about what improvements to the course we should think about for next year and would welcome your input.

should additional tee mats be added?  on which holes?
what other things should we be considering to improve the course?

Please drop me an email it you are for or against additional mats, along with any other opinions you have relative to the course.

Thanks again for your support,

Jim Pennington


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