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Grey County is working with the Ontario Federation of Trail Riders (OFTR) on a trial project which would let select off-road motorbikes use the rail route between Rockford and Dundalk.

ATV riders are already permitted on this portion of the multi-use rail trail, and this project will grant OFTR access to the same area. Grey County and the local chapter club, the Dufferin Rooftop Recreational Riders, have agreed to a one-year trial for their members.

Riders must be insured, have trail-use licence plates, have an OFTR permit, and not be louder than 94 decibels in order to use the trail. Riders on motorcycles and ATVs must abide by all official trail signage, including any posted speed limits.

For more information on OFTR rules and regulations, please visit or contact If you have any feedback or questions about this pilot project, please contact For more information about trails in Grey County, visit