BBCA Nuclear Survey Results

Dear Association Members,   On behalf of your executive I am pleased to provide the results of the survey that was conducted in April.   I would like to express our thanks to Chris Martyn and the Ipsos Reid team that designed the surveystructure, conducted the outreach and tabulated the results. We are very fortunate to have had their expert assistance.   We plan to disseminate the information gathered in a number of ways. David Grant and I have had a meeting with Mayor Twolan already. The survey results will be formally presented to the NWMO Community Advisory Committee at their meeting in early August. The package will also be shared with our Provincial and Federal members of Parliament. You are also free to communicate these results to other organizations that are involved in the process   To all those who participated, thank-you for your input. I believe this will be a bona fide source of information for those involved in decision making.   Best regards to all and see you on the Beach!     Bruce McKelvey President, BBCA  

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