Angela Thompkins - Mayor Candidate

Angela Thompkins - Mayor Candidate

133 Waterloo Street
Kincardine, ON N2Z 0C7
Phone: 519-615-0146


My Story

I first came to Huron-Kinloss in 1964 when my parents purchased a property from Dan Kennedy in what is now the Kennedy subdivision, South of Kincardine. Over the years, I would spend as much time at our property on Waterloo Street as I could. My husband, and I were able to make it our permanent home in 2014. A decision we have never regretted. Since then, I’ve had much more time and access to learn all that Huron-Kinloss has to offer.

Over those 58 years I have appreciated what it means to be part of this community whether as a seasonal or full-time resident. My husband and I spend much of our time giving back to the community through our various volunteer roles including the Food Bank, Low Income Housing, Lions Club, PRIDE and Kincardine Triathlon. We golf, curl and are members of the Kincardine Community Singers. All these activities have given us an opportunity to meet and get to know the many wonderful people in the area.

I recently retired from a 40-year career in technology with the last 30 working for one of the largest financial institutions in Canada. During that time, I performed numerous roles from managing people, establishing and running an asset management service, process design and improvement, to security and governance. I was responsible for multi-million-dollar budgets and contracts as well as facilitating endless numbers of meetings and workshops. I established and chaired governance committees to oversee decisions similar to what happens on council. I have been recognized during my career as a strong leader and was selected by the bank’s senior executive team to receive the Annual Award of Distinction, awarded to only the top 0.1%. My peers appreciated my calm and purposeful demeanor which allowed me to get stuff done. Because of that I was always given the most challenging projects.

The municipality is in a good state fiscally and have plans to address the pressing infrastructure needs. But like all communities we are faced with rising costs, lack of affordable housing and the impacts of climate change. There are groups of residents, especially in the lakeshore area, who feel under-represented either through lack of services or that their voices are insufficiently heard. I’ve heard more than once that people feel decisions have been made before asked for input. Because of this I have developed a platform based on four main pillars: 1) Fiscal Responsibility, 2) Protect the Natural Environment, 3) Promote Community Life, 4) Listen & Communicate.

Fiscal Responsibility: With inflation at an all-time high we must be diligent about how tax dollars are spent to minimize growth in property taxes. With my background in technology and process, I’ve learned there are always ways to make things more efficient and reduce costs. I’d like to incentivize small business to establish themselves in Huron-Kinloss to build a stronger commercial presence.

Protect our Natural Environment: We have Lake Huron at our doorstep, one of the best natural resources in the world. We are the custodians of that section we border and need to ensure the decisions made are for the betterment of the water quality, beaches and shoreline. Preservation of woodlots and expanding the tree canopy will help protect us against rising waters, flooding, drifting snow and provide cleaner air.

Promote Community Life: Implement a long-term and inclusive Parks and Recreation strategy that promotes community, physical and mental well-being for ALL residents of all ages. I would also like to see a review completed that looks at availability and response times of emergency services against the changing needs of the community. Finally, encourage the development of support programs for seniors and affordable housing for those entering the market.

Listen & Communicate: I’d like to encourage proactive communication between staff, council and the public. Ensuring that council has awareness of impending issues facing staff before coming to council for voting. I no longer want to hear council say that they only had three days notice on a contentious issue. Improved communication to the public with more opportunities and avenues to have their say. Continuously listen and collaborate with Huron-Kinloss council to address the wants, needs and concerns within our community.

Over the next four years, Huron-Kinloss will be reviewing the Official Plan and Zoning laws. You need to have people on council who will consider what’s right for the community when going through that review. Someone who will take into consideration the different dynamics from farming to small towns and hamlets, to Lakeshore communities of full-time and seasonal residents. I can be that person for you.

I am committed to doing my best for the entire community. To look at problems and solutions from all angles, to listen to constituents when they’re raising red flags and to work with my peers on council to drive for the best solution for the community.

To learn more about me and my core values and to complete a short survey, visit my website at More importantly, please vote on October 24th. Municipal government has the most impact on your day-to-day life. Ensure your voice is heard.