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Information on the Emerald Ash Borer

The EAB has killed millions of trees in southwestern Ontario since 2002. This highly destructive insect poses a significant economic and environmental threat to all forests and urban areas. The EBA attacks all species of ash (except the Mountain Ash-not a true ash). Here's some information on the signs to look for, and some resources for inoculations, if you wish to try and save your ash tree.

Emerald Ash Borer: Signs your Ash Tree is Infested:

  • Thinning crown 
  • Diminished density of leaves
  • Long shoots growing from the trunk or branches of the tree
  • Vertical cracks in the trunk
  • Small "D-shaped" emergence holes
  • "S-shaped" tunnels under the bark filled with sawdust
LEFT: The pest with the punch!                       RIGHT: The "D-shaped" emergence holes
LEFT: The "S-shaped" tunnel holes                            RIGHT: Thinning crown and long shoots

Resources for Ash Tree Inoculations:

The Saugeen Valley Conservation Authority conducts inoculations for ash trees. SVCA would need to measure and assess the health of the tree(s) first. The tree assessment cost is $50.00. A quote is then given based on the diameter of the tree at breast height. Current pricing is at $5.70 per centimeter of diameter, plus HST. The contact number for SVCA is 519-367-3040
W.R. Aerial & Arborist Services also conducts ash tree inoculations. Located in Moorefield ON, Wyatt Ross services all of southern and mid-west Ontario. Call for pricing at: 519-848-2270

PRWIN Spring 2017 Workshop

The Pine River Watershed Initiative is working on preparing a workshop next Spring to partner local landowners with local resources to decide how to best manage and prepare for the Ash Borer infestations.  
All information on the EAB was resourced using the EAB pamphlet from the Government of Canada: Food Inspection Agency.
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