BBCA AGM Agenda 2017

Fellow Beachers,   Below is the agenda for our Annual General Meeting this Saturday at 10 am. I hope many of you are able to attend as we will have the opportunity to question both the Lake Huron Centre for Coastal Conservation and the Mayor as to why they feel that the willow trees/bushes should be allowed to continue to flourish along the shoreline preventing many beach activities from happening. I feel a strong showing will help immeasurably in achieving the goal of returning the shoreline to a place for quiet walking as well as other activities.   There will not be copies of the agenda available at the meeting in an effort to save paper. If needed please bring your own copy.   Those cottages that have forgotten to pay the annual dues may bring a cheque or cash and catch up on over-due fees by approaching Melanie Clark (our treasurer) prior to or following the meeting.   Brian MacEachern


Bruce Beach Cottagers’ Association Annual General Meeting

August 5th, 2017, 10 a.m.

Welcome by Brian MacEachern

In Memoriam – Barb Strain

Introduction of Executive – Brian MacEachern

Approval of the 2016 AGM Minutes, Susan Davidson

Guest Speakers with Q & A

·        Stacey Jeffery, BM Ross re Septic Inspections

·        Emily Martin, Pine River Watershed Initiative Network

·        Hannah Cann, Lake Huron Centre for Coastal Conservation

·        Mitch Twolan, Mayor Huron-Kinloss Township

Treasurer’s Report and approval of 2016 Financial Statement – Melanie Clark

BBQ report – Susan Davidson

Nuclear Waste Community Advisory Committee Update – David Grant

Communications – Ross Klopp, emails – Chris Davidson, Web Site

Yearbook – Peter Newson & Dave Tiernan

Golf Course – Jim Pennington & Jim Cass

Church Committee – Barb Strain

Tennis – Brian Hughes & Laurie Hughes

Junior Golf – Deb Wonnacott & Jim Cass

Sports Day & Games Day – Mike Buchanan & Kelly Buchanan

Any Other Business

Bruce Beach Cottagers Association
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