Bruce Beach BBQ help needed

Fellow Bruce Beachers,

Another marvelous summer begins on the shores of Bruce Beach.

If others in your family do not receive the emails from Ross Klopp please forward this note to them.

Our annual BBQ is taking place this year on Saturday July 30th. This event is a huge undertaking and requires a large number of volunteers to be successful. I am looking for new faces this year, as well as the old faces, to perform the multitude of tasks needed to be done on the Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. If everyone puts in a small effort then the work loads will be light. Some tasks require physical labour while others require only a small amount of time. We need, bartenders, set up crew, clean up crew, take down crew, security, volunteer freezers to house the ice cream desert, etc.

One important job needing to be done is the bringing and returning of tables and chairs from Ripley. Anyone with a trailer that can help with this task is disparately needed.

If you are willing to help out with a little of your time please contact me directly at519 396 9871 or better still at

Thank you in advance,
Brian MacEachern

Bruce Beach Cottagers Association
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