Bruce Beach Municipal Drain Phase II Information Session

There's a Zoom information session that is happening this Saturday Feb 5, 2022 at 9:00 am. It will be to present the development plan and probably the additional tax assessments for Phase II of the Bruce Beach Municipal Drain. 
Phase I of the project is already underway and involves building a buried drain pipe down the hillside from Lake Range Rd to Bruce Beach Rd above the gulley between cottages 97 & 98 and a detention pond on the east side of Lake Range Rd. That work will create a buffer for the water flow from the farmland and Lake Range Rd. properties and minimize the erosion and potential for flooding damage along Bruce Beach Rd. that has occurred many times in the past including serious events in November and December of 2021.
Phase II of the project is how to deal with the water once it gets down that pipe and likely will involve laying a new drain pipe south along Bruce Beach Rd. and building a new outlet to the Lake with one of the outlet options being at Concession 8. This new information session will describe the Phase II construction plan. It will also describe how the cost will be shared between the township of Huron-Kinloss and the property owners. There will almost certainly be new one-time tax assessments outlined that are in addition to the Phase I assessments. All properties that are deemed to have liabilities or may receive benefit from this work will be assessed. Some properties between Cottage 98 and Concession 8 may also be directly impacted by the new construction work.
I am attaching the pdf files that were sent out to some Beachers that describe how to attend the information session by Zoom. This is an open session and any interested party is welcome to attend. All the information on both Phases I & II that the township has made available is posted on:
I hope you will take some of your Saturday to attend this Zoom Meeting to ask questions and voice your concerns. If you are a Bruce Beacher with property in the vicinity of Concession 8 it's particularly important for you since you will likely be affected and or assessed.
Bruce Beach Cottagers Association
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