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I sent the following email out to find out the positions of the Huron-kinloss 2018 candidates:

Dear Candidates,

This message is being sent to all candidates who provided and shared their email address on
Do you have a campaign platform or other campaign statements that you are willing to share publicly on the web site? Perhaps you have some material from the all candidates meeting? I leave it to each of you to determine and cover the issues that are important. Also, if you have a web site or other social media links that you are using that would be helpful too. 
Any information you provide may be shared with other Bruce Beach cottagers via a posting on the web site. The information will not be edited, but may not all be used if there is too much. I suggest that something less than 1000 words would be appropriate and links to additional information can be included. 
My intent is provide information from all the candidates in one place for other cottagers and have the posting available, by Oct 3, 2018. If you have not responded by Oct 3rd then that will be noted in the web site posting. You will each be sent a link to the posting on the web site once it's complete. 
I wish each of you great success with your campaigns.
Doug Dunlop


Here are each of the responses I received:

Candidates for Mayor (1 position)

Mitch Twolan (Incumbent)
20 Blairs Trail R.R. 8 Kincardine ON N2Z 0B3
H(519) 395-0717 C(519)955-0664

Thanks for the email. Rogers in Kincardine was at the all candidates meeting last Thursday in Lucknow. It was aired last night and I believe it is archived as you may want to attach the link for your website. Also the Kincardine Independent is running meet the candidate profiles this week. thanks for now.

Brian MacEachern
322 Highland Drive, Kincardine, ON, N2Z 2X3
C(519) 374-5372

No response

Candidates for Deputy Mayor (1 position)

Don Murray (presently Councillor)
619 Statters Lake Ave R.R. 1 Holyrood ON N0G 2B0
H(519) 395-4528 C(519)955-4528 

Mr. Dunlop.  Thank you so much for the opportunity to share my thoughts and platform.  Attached is a copy of my platform speech from the candidates meeting that was held on Thursday in Lucknow.  Also if you are not aware, the candidates meeting that was held in Lucknow will be aired tonight on the Roger network on the community channel at 7. Thanks Don

Perry Elliott
2176 Concession 10 R.R.2 Ripley, ON N0G 2R0
H(519) 395-5496

No email address

Candidates for Councillor (5 positions all positions Acclaimed)

James Hanna (Incumbent)
1572 Bruce Road 1 Kincardine ON N2Z 2X5
H(519) 395-3235 C(519) 386-0228 Acclaimed

No response

Lillian Abbott (Incumbent)
540 Havelock Street Lucknow ON N0G 2H0
H(519) 528-3425

No response

Jeff Elliott (Incumbent)
997 Hwy 21 Kincardine ON N2Z 2X3
(519) 395-5056

No email address

Edward McGugan
186 Bruce Road One, RR#5 Lucknow ON, N0G 2H0
(519) 812-1004

No response

Carl Sloetjes (Incumbent)
708 Havelock Street, Lucknow ON, N0G 2H0
H(519)528-2363 C(519) 524-0725

No response


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