New Larger Stop Signs Approved for Lake Range Drive

Let’s dub this:  The Ingham Initiative”

Township okays larger Stop signs, lower speed limit on Lake Range Drive

By: Liz Dadson August 5, 2016

Huron-Kinloss Township has given the green light to larger Stop signs and a lower speed limit on Lake Range Drive.

In committee-of-the-whole Wednesday night (Aug. 3), council debated a report from public works director Hugh Nichol, responding to a letter asking for additional safety measures at the intersection of Lake Range Drive, with Concession 8 and Concession 10. The suggestions were: painting white stop blocks at the intersections, and installing over-sized Stop signs, larger advance Stop-ahead signs, and rumble strips.

The concerns in the letter were prompted by an accident July 8 in which a vehicle failed to stop at Concession 8 and collided with another vehicle which had right-of-way status.

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