Volunteer Vacation!

Imagine creating a life changing opportunity for 34 children.

That is exactly what TRIP Canada’s 12th team of volunteers will be doing in April and we thought some of our keen, energetic BRUCE BEACH friends may be interested in joining us!

For the last 11 years, since the devastating 2005 tsunami, we have been taking volunteer teams to Tangalle, Sri Lanka to build homes, schools and places of worship for people living in the poorest communities. So far over 200 volunteers have participated - bringing change to hundreds of lives - including their own.

This year the volunteers will be expanding an orphanage for homeless children. It was started after the tsunami and has grown to serve many more needy infants and young people in the area. When the work is done the orphanage will be able to expand from 25 to 59 children.

Consider joining Team 12 – April 15-29 – to help make this happen.

Click here for a short video on the volunteer experience:


Interested? Visit www.tripca.org and let Janet McKelvey know red@digiclair.com

Bruce Beach Cottagers Association
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