Water Levels

Happy New Year to all Bruce Beach Cottagers and all the best for 2015!!

On behalf of the Bruce Beach Executive, I would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year and best wishes to your beach families and friends in the coming year.

"Cheers for the New Year and another chance to get it right". The year is coming to a close with a very different start to the winter, high water, big winds, no snow and warm temperatures. The last day of 2014 is the first really cold day of the winter and the beginning of the ice formations along the shoreline.

Dead End Discussion

The state of the beach in front of our cottage has prompted me to contact the H-K office about a solution.  Our beach is so narrow that if there is any wave action one must walk in the water to get past the growth of grass and weeds that has left a three foot cliff along the waters  edge. After repeated e-mails to  Mayor Mitch Twolan ( mitch@lakerangerealty.ca ) he finally arranged for Mike Fair to come and see my concern and listen to my suggestions.  Have you ever talked to a wall?