Millions of people across eastern Asia and around the world welcome the lunar new year this weekend. Families in China, Vietnam, Korea, Japan and other countries get together with loved ones around the dinner table for their celebrations. Free Press reporter Beatriz Baleeiro looks at how members of London’s Chinese community keep their traditions alive and mark the beginning of the Lunar New Year. Read More

Q: During the last couple years, I have been growing orchids indoors. I water them about once a week by putting them into a sink of water for 15 min. Then, I spray the leaves and surface roots with an orchid spray. They are in a northeast window behind the kitchen sink with an overhead pot light on in the evenings. Some of the plants will sprout flowers buds and the sprout or little bulb will die before it blooms. Other plants have only grown new leaves and no flowers sprouts. How do I get flowers? – KO Read More