On a day when many deliberately refused to speak his name, from the sentencing judge on down, mass murderer Nathaniel Veltman's crimes – the murder of four members of a London Muslim family, and the attempted murder of a fifth – were denounced Thursday as community and wider reaction poured in to the judge's finding that Veltman committed terrorism. He was sentenced to 25 years in prison with no chance of parole, both for the murders and the attempted murder. Jack Moulton reports. Read More

Millions of people across eastern Asia and around the world welcome the lunar new year this weekend. Families in China, Vietnam, Korea, Japan and other countries get together with loved ones around the dinner table for their celebrations. Free Press reporter Beatriz Baleeiro looks at how members of London’s Chinese community keep their traditions alive and mark the beginning of the Lunar New Year. Read More

Since it's London that gave the hockey world The Michigan – likely the most stunningly skillful goal in history – it makes sense that it would be another local player who would innovate a new twist and score a goal the play-by-play announcer could only describe with two words: "Absolutely insane." Here's a breakdown, with the highlight-reel video at the bottom: Read More

Years after first being proposed, and months after bins were dropped off at Londoner's driveways and new garbage trucks acquired, the city's compost program is ready to launch on Monday. Reporter Jack Moulton reviews what residents will need to know when they make the trip to the curb next week. Read More